Inspire Hypnosis is a Master Hypnotist Society (MHS) approved school and offers practical and comprehensive training for the aspiring new hypnotist.

Professional Hypnosis Training Available Now

Today's demand for skilled professional hypnotists has increased dramatically due to our society's ever changing, more demanding lifestyle and environment

The Professional Hypnotist Practitioner enjoys the benefits of a market that is large, wide and varied. From stress reduction to weight management, smoking cessation to academic improvement. An argument could be made that every man, woman and child in the United States would benefit from their participation in an educational hypnosis program.

Inspire Hypnosis offers a comprehensive and intensive professional hypnosis training. Designed to provide graduates with the skills needed to begin a new and exciting career, with unequaled training and assistance for successful practice building and management. We are proud of our emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and our unmatched commitment to the professional success of our students!

Inspire Hypnosis Professional Hypnosis Training is specially designed to prepare students to develop, open and operate a successful hypnosis practice and enjoy a rewarding hypnosis business.

Be Your Own Boss

More simply, we are committed to your education. We provide quality training in hypnosis and the technical knowledge it requires. However, we also emphasize the business, marketing and management skills.

We cannot guarantee every student can or will become a success in the high paid field of hypnosis.

Accordingly, the student who achieves a high measure of excellence in her training will logically realize greater professional opportunities that may translate into an executive level income. To this end Inspire Hypnosis expects both students and instructors to strive for excellence in the classroom and every facet of training and study.

Awaken the Entrepreneur Within

Entrepreneurial skills, attitude and plan of action are as important as the actual hypnosis practitioner training. We place as much emphasis on your business success as the development of your skills as a PROFESSIONAL HYPNOSIS PRACTITIONER.

This combination of a comprehensive education in the art and science of hypnosis coupled with our unparalleled training in practice development makes Inspire Hypnosis the most intelligent choice of any training of its kind offered in America today.

Welcome to Inspire Hypnosis Professional Hypnosis Training. This is your opportunity to ENTER THE HIGH PAID FIELD OF HYPNOSIS!

Why Inspire Hypnosis Professional Hypnosis Training?

Our philosophy is to provide a unique, personalized learning environment which encourages successful performance and program completion by each student. Our goal is to assist every student in developing and operating their own successful hypnosis practice.

Inspire Hypnosis strives at all times to…

  1. Provide hands-on training and real time experience in all aspects of operating a successful hypnosis practice. There is no substitute for experience and that experience gives you the necessary preparation required to be successful at every level in your new career as a Professional Hypnosis Practitioner.
  2. Encourage a sense of commitment, responsibility and self-motivation so that each student entering the field of hypnosis will have the “personal strengths” to accompany their professional and technical knowledge and business skills.
  3. Maintain an atmosphere of professionalism, thereby setting high standards and creating an environment for students to emulate.
  4. Ensure that each student enjoys time and space within the classroom setting, so that each student will have an opportunity to perform and participate under the direct supervision of his/her instructors and Master Hypnosis Practitioner.
  5. To provide a definitive curriculum and cutting edge learning experience based on solving real world problems in a real world environment.

Quality Hypnosis Training Available Now

This is your personal invitation to enroll in Inspire Hypnosis’ Professional Hypnosis Training course. 

  • Be your own boss 
  • Set your own hours 
  • Independence and freedom

You will enjoy personal prestige as a professional hypnotist. All of this while helping others achieve a happier, healthier, more rewarding life.

Everyone wants wealth, health and happiness. Hypnosis is the vehicle that can take you where you want to go. Whether you want to make improvements in your life using hypnosis for personal growth, or a full on commitment to developing your own hypnosis business — Inspire Hypnosis’ Professional Hypnosis Training offers you a valued and proven way of attaining your most lofty goals.

Inspire Hypnosis invites you to apply today. You won’t be disappointed.

Private or Class Training Available

Call for a copy of our free Inspire Hypnosis Master Hypnotist Society Training Catalog and we will mail it to you. Download your free copy of How to be a Professional Hypnotist.

Better yet…

Call (530) 387-6644 and schedule your free Professional Hypnosis Training interview. If you qualify, we can recommend a training that best fits your goals and schedule.

Call now and find out if entering the field of professional hypnosis is right for you.

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Just Announced:

Perception-eering Training w/Scott McFall

DATE: October 13-16
LOCATION: Redding, CA — Holiday Inn on Hilltop Drive

Call now for more info and to reserve seating.

Download these 3 Special Reports…

how to be a professional hypnotist, by marge perry, owner, inspire hypnosis in redding, ca.
secrets of hypnosis revealed, by marge Perry, owner of inspire hypnosis in redding, ca.
7 most important questions to ask before selecting a hypnotist, by marge perry, director of inspire hypnosis in redding, ca.

What Other
Professionals Say

Jeff Martin, owner, lincoln hypnosis.
"Marge Perry is what every professional hypnotist should be. Which makes her an even better hypnosis trainer. I can recommend Marge Perry's Professional Hypnosis Training without reservation."
—Jeff Martin
Certified Hypnotist Trainer
owner, Lincoln Hypnosis Center

Julie nise, owner, southeast hypnosis.
"To know Marge is to love her. A perfect mix of quiet enthusiasm, unbridled compassion fueled by expert knowledge and skill. A smart choice for anyone considering entering the professional hypnosis practitioner field."
—Julie Nise, MA, LPC
Master Hypnotist
Certified Hypnosis Trainer
owner, Southeast Hypnosis
Appeared On Dr. Phil show

Scott mcfall, founder of master hypnotist society.
"Marge Perry of Inspire Hypnosis offers her hypnosis training students a quality that is rare today — RESULTS! Marge teaches skills, not mere information. Her training is exceptional. I recommend it."
—Scott McFall
Master Hypnotist, Founder of Master Hypnotist Society,
Hypnosis Hall of Fame Nominee
owner, McFall Publishing