Master hypnotist, Marge Perry, reveals the benefits, limitations of hypnosis.

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We believe we offer the best possible service at the lowest possible cost with the least amount of inconvenience and expense

When you do what you always do, you get the same result you have always gotten.

To improve your life, you must change, progress, grow, and be more. It all starts with changing your mind. Change your mind, change your life.

This business of change is the business we have chosen. A responsibility we take seriously. It is a privilege to assist you in losing unwanted weight, ending a smoking habit, or alleviating crippling stress.

We genuinely understand the importance these changes represent in making your life a healthy, more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Place your trust in us and we are committed to do everything within the limits of our skills and experience to deliver the exact results you want and deserve.

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. Your results, dignity and privacy will always be our number one priority.

That's my promise to you.

Marge Perry, Director

Inspire Hypnosis


What is Hypnosis — How Hypnosis Works

The straight up truth about what hypnosis is, how it works and what it can do for you.

Meet Your Hypnotist

An open letter to the people of Colorado from Inspire Hypnosis Master Hypnotist, Marge Perry.

Meet Your Hypnotist ›

Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Different, effective and practical. Make weight loss aggravation disappear with hypnotic weight loss. It's the one you will do.

Hypnotic Weight Loss ›

True Story

Sixty-nine year old grandmother discusses her real life experience losing 73 pounds at Inspire Hypnosis.

Nancy's Story ›

9 Little Known Smoking Facts

Stop smoking hypnosis programs have helped thousands of people to stop smoking permanently. Here's how…

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis ›

Restore Self-esteem with Hypnosis

Good news for those who suffer poor self-esteem and lack of confidence. Hypnosis can make a huge difference in how you feel and think about yourself and the world you live in.

Self-esteem and Hypnosis ›

Shocking Stress Data Released

Hypnosis is the first choice for immediate stress relief. Read these startling facts, then you decide…

Hypnosis Stress Relief ›

Tune-up Your Brain

Think with clarity, relax, awaken your spirit and restore a fresh new enthusiasm to your daily life with self-hypnosis. Get the complete story here.

Self-Hypnosis ›

Facts About Childhood Obesity

Learn the hidden dangers and unnecessary risk of childhood obesity and what to do about it.

Hypnosis and Childhood Obesity ›

Free Hypnosis Screening

Find out if hypnosis is right for you. Fun, informative, everything explained in detail.

Free Hypnosis Screening ›

Special Hypnosis Services

For special events, meetings, corporate trainings, one-on-one life coaching.

More Hypnosis Services ›

Public Right to Know

Educating the public about hypnosis and its many benefits is Inspire Hypnosis' top priority. Speaking, training and career day services discussed here. Need help? We're here…

Hypno-Speaker ›

Life Coaching is Popular Because it Works

Define goals, develop plan of action, learn advanced communication skills, save time and increase productivity. That's only a few benefits an experienced life coach can provide.

Life Coach ›

Professional Hypnotist Training
Available Now

Inspire Hypnosis is a Master Hypnotist Society approved school offering courses in basic and advanced hypnosis and comprehensive internship by invitation only.

Inspire Hypnosis Professional Hypnosis Training ›

Hypnosis Training is Fun

Inspire Hypnosis' Basic Professional Hypnosis Training is the best choice for self-improvement and will help you decide if a career in hypnosis is right for you.

Basic Professional Hypnosis Training ›

Advanced Hypnosis Training for Future Professionals

Everything you need to know to hypnotize yourself and others to get great results.

Advanced Professional Hypnosis Training ›

The Ultimate Hypnosis Training

You learn the specifics about how to open, operate and succeed as a professional hypnotist. By invitation only due to limited availability.

Professional Hypnosis Training — Internship ›

Results Happen Here

Not just a cliche, but documented fact. See what others say about Inspire Hypnosis here…

Case Studies ›

Inspiring Thoughts Blog

Your results toolbox. Hints, tips, cheats and shortcuts to optimal living and a more rewarding, organized life.

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Ask Marge

Master Hypnotist, Marge Perry, invites your emails for questions and comments.

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