Your Weight Problem Is Not Your Fault

I have been trying to convince overweight people for years that circumstance is as responsible for their condition as behavioral choices…

I remember when America didn't suffer an obesity epidemic. Things have changed dramatically. And all of these changes effect you, your diet, lifestyle, how you live and how you feel about you and the world around you.

Understanding the real reasons you are overweight prepares you to lose it. You cannot expect to lose weight and keep it off by changing diet, lifestyle and behavior. That's not the real problem. And so far this "complete makeover" strategy had been a monumental failure.

Only when you identify the chain of events that lead to our obesity problem can you protect yourself from its many harmful consequences. The biggest problem I've encountered, by far and away the most difficult obstacle to overcome helping someone lose weight, is poor self-esteem and doubt.

If you have ever said, "I was meant to be fat," "Nothing works for me," "I'm out of control," you suffer an identity problem. You have told yourself you are fat so often, NOW YOU BELIEVE IT!

Most overweight people reinforce this negative message 100 times a day in 100 different ways.

Every time you feel self-conscious, embarrassed or ashamed about being overweight you reinforce the I'm-a-fat-person message. Every time you say or think, "I need to lose weight," or "I'm out of control," you tell your brain you are a fat person.

Let's be first grade smart. How could anyone hope to live a naturally thin life if in fact they are 100% convinced they are "meant to be fat?"

These two contradictions don't mix. It's one or the other. You have only two options. Live a naturally thin life free of all weight issues and worries. Or battle your weight for the remainder of your life.

The biggest reason people are overweight is because they don't pay attention to what, when, where and how much they eat.

Bottom line is, America is fat because we consume more calories than we burn. So the next obvious question is, why do we consume more calories than we burn?

It's critical to understand the origins of your overweight problem. Once you see the picture in its entirety, no sane person could argue that any healthy person was "meant to be fat" or an overweight condition is preordained curse of birth. It's not true. And history proves it.

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