Your Future is Now

As a practicing hypnotist, my days are filled with the expectation of change. People who want to use hypnotic weight loss to correct poor eating behavior. People who want to stop smoking with hypnosis to save money and pursue a healthier lifestyle. People who want to use hypnotic stress relief to attain a happier, more rewarding and fulfilling life.

When you think about it, change is the only constant in life. To best prepare us for the changes that occur in the future it is best to investigate and understand the changes that have occurred in the past. For instance, in 1900 America…

  • the average life expectancy was only 46 years
  • drug stores sold heroine and morphine over the counter, without a prescription
  • American's earned on average 22¢ per hour and $200-400 per year
  • only 8% had a telephone
  • leading causes of death were tuberculosis, influenza and diarrhea
  • only 6% graduated high school
  • there were 144 miles of paved road for the US total of 8,000 cars to travel upon
  • 90% of practicing physicians did not attend college
  • Oklahoma, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii were US territories and not yet states
  • 95% of children were born in the home
  • sugar cost 4¢ a pound
  • Mississippi had a larger population than California
  • the population of Las Vegas was 30

To say that America has experienced significant changes in the last 100 years is an understatement. Which begs the question, what will life be like in America 100 years from today? But most importantly, what will your life be like tomorrow?

Unfortunately, most of us think of the future as something distant, unknown and unpredictable.

I prefer to think of the future as one minute from now. Change must be embraced to attain happiness and peace of mind. To fight change is a losing battle. Circumstance will always change and demand that we adapt or perish in the attempt to avoid it.

Ask yourself this simple question. What specific changes can you make tomorrow that will impact and improve your life? Could you procrastinate less? Could you show more empathy in your relationship with others? What unneeded and unwanted behaviors would you like to modify or change? Can you make a list of specific changes that would improve your life immediately? What are those changes, why haven't you made them yet?

Most change is usually brought about by necessity rather than personal will. All in an attempt to have security. Security at best is a myth. Security does not exist on planet Earth. Or as Helen Keller once said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

So I urge you to contemplate your past and accept that life is a brief moment in a timeless universe. What you make of your life has always been, and always will be, of your own making. Change is nothing less than survival itself. Not all good, sometimes bad, but usually the progress and innovation that spring forth from change are what make life a magical experience.