Worry... Less

Worry is wasting today's time, cluttering up tomorrow's opportunities with yesterday's troubles. If you think too much and fail to take action, fear makes its home in your mind.

Worrying tries to cross a bridge before you come to it. Worry is holding in your mind that which you don't want to happen. If you think it is and it isn't, it will become so even tho it isn't.

Hans Dolph worked at a meat packing plant in South Chicago. His foreman was to be married on Saturday so the entire crew decided to take Friday afternoon off to celebrate.

Dolph was late to leave with the rest of the crew and was mistakenly locked into one of the refrigerated lockers. He began to panic and worry about his family, his life and how he would undoubtedly freeze to death in the meat locker.

After beating his fists bloody attempting to open the door and escape, his panic dissolved into the resignation of his own death. He carved the last message to his wife on the wooden floor with his pocket knife.

When the locker was opened the following day, Hans was found dead lying on the floor. It appeared he had frozen to death. Upon closer investigation the refrigerated locker had not been functioning properly and the temperature was at a mere 48 degrees. Not nearly cold enough to freeze to death. An autopsy was ordered and found that Dolph died of a heart attack.

In truth the heart attack was a result of worry and fear. The two most deadly emotions known to man. So the moral of this story is simple. There are only two important things NOT to worry about…

First, never worry about the things you can't change. If you can't change them, worry is foolish, unnecessary and a senseless use of energy.

Second, don't worry about the things you can change. If you possess the power to change them, simply take action to accomplish what you can change rather than wasting time and emotional turmoil worrying about it.

And accept this fact: in most cases worrying causes more harm than the thing you are worrying about itself.

If you want to be happy, face life with courage and achievement, there is only one rightful place for worry… OUT OF YOUR LIFE.