When Your Goal Fits, Wear It

Most people come to me with a weight loss goal something like, "I will lose 30 pounds in 90 days." This goal is limiting and just wrong! Do you know why?

Your goal is to live the remainder of your life in a naturally thin body free of all weight loss issues FOREVER! Why have a goal that expires in 90 days after you lose 30 pounds? People who make this type of goal will not achieve lasting weight loss. But will begin the regain process within 30 days of reaching their goal. This is the "I will never be fat again" type of goal that virtually guarantees YOU WILL BE FAT AGAIN!

This is a common diet mentality that must be overcome for lasting weight loss success. Not my opinion. But my experience with thousands of weight losers. People who diet are always on a diet or need to be.

What you think will determine your success or failure. Thought precedes all action. Thoughts cause behavior. If you perceive yourself as an out of control fat person, your brain will insure you are.

Try this simple experiment today. Most folks rave about the results it produces. They say it reduces appetite, stress, cravings and makes them feel in control. What do you have to lose? Try it for one day, then you decide...

Today, pretend you are the exact weight, shape and size of your dreams. Talk like it, act like it and most importantly, THINK LIKE IT! Be a child pretending, playing make-believe. Immerse yourself in the role of being the exact weight, shape and size person you want.

Pretend, imagine, you are a thin person RIGHT NOW! Try it!

Give this a real effort for one day. Put all overweight issues out of your mind. Live one day mentally free of your weight problem. People have told me this simple exercise gave them hope and made them feel whole again.

Bottom line is simple. You can lose weight over and over again. Weight loss can be like a lifelong stone in your shoe. Always there, always annoying, painful and on your mind.

Or you can live a naturally thin life free of all weight loss problems. It's your choice and starts with a lifelong goal, not a temporary one.