The Power of Your Beliefs

If you believe you can, or you belief you can’t you are right.
— Henry Ford

I used to believe…if I stepped on a crack, I’d break my mother’s back; that the tooth fairy would leave money under my pillow in payment for lost teeth;  and that in order to be successful in life, I had to go to college…WOW where did all these beliefs come from?

Well, for a short time after my friend Laurie told me about the “crack belief’” I had a rather irregular gait as I walked, skipped and jumped over cracks on my way to Longfellow Elementary School. Eventually it happened…I accidentally stepped on a crack. I worried all day at school, and then rushed home expecting to find my mom withering in pain from a broken back that I caused!. To my surprise and relief she was cooking dinner and apparently pain free when I arrived home from school.

Sometimes we struggle through life with beliefs that limit us; then something happens that questions that limiting belief, and our world opens up to a larger life with more choices and possibilities.

Our beliefs are formed through personal experiences and what we learn from trusted people in our lives; parents, peers, teachers, mentors etc.

We all have a multitude of beliefs that influence the way we conduct our lives. Some beliefs are directly related to our values and feed our spirits, while other beliefs are dated and actually limit our potential.

Beliefs drive our thought patterns and  influence our behaviors…Think about this for a moment…Imagine if you have a belief that  triggered negative thoughts about your intelligence or  your appearance, or your ability to land a good job? Those negative thoughts will influence your behaviors and will lead to a self fulfilling prophecy of what you believe to be true. 

If you believe you have the skills and the abilities to land a great job, you will place your focus on those personal assets that set you apart and that make you marketable. When your attitude is positive, you are more confident. With confidence comes motivation and persistence in taking right actions. It’s just a matter of time before you land our dream job..

If you believe that jobs are scarce, and you are competing against impossible odds with people more skilled then yourself…how motivating is that? How soon will it be before your negative self- talk and attitudes lead to giving up on what you want?

Henry Ford once said “If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t…your right!”

Changing a limiting belief can be a quick & simple process. The result can be  freeing and life changing.  Your beliefs can be dream makers or dream takers…the choice is yours!

You CAN change your mind and change your life with  hypnosis!

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