Your Weight Problem Is Not Your Fault

I have been trying to convince overweight people for years that circumstance is as responsible for their condition as behavioral choices…

I remember when America didn't suffer an obesity epidemic. Things have changed dramatically. And all of these changes effect you, your diet, lifestyle, how you live and how you feel about you and the world around you.

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Diet Plans, Fact & Fallacy

If diets worked, 66% of adult America would not be overweight. Childhood and adolescent obesity has tripled since 1980. Talk to any veteran dieter and they will agree, dieting leads to frustration, anxiety, deprivation and bounce-back weight gain. The term "diet" used to mean the sum total of what an individual ate. Today, it means a specialized food regime for the purpose of weight loss…

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Are You A Real... Or Are You A Pretend Person?

Most people have a few versions of themselves living inside them. The Sunday church version, work version, family version, mom or dad version, the intimate lover version and also the private version we never show anyone. This is not only completely normal, but necessary to exist within society.

Overweight people are not allowed a multiple version self because society has defined the overweight as a social outcast.

Doesn't matter how smart you are, what you have achieved, the kind of parent or how pretty you look... YOU ARE FAT. Case closed…

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