Infallible Weapon Guarantees Weight Loss Success

North State, Redding, CA -- Have you tried to lose weight before? Where you successful? Have you been on a "fad" diet? Bought weight loss gizmos and gadgets? Had low cal, styrofoam-tasting food delivered to your door? Or have you tried the many miracle weight loss formulas and pills available on the market?

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20 Worst Packaged Foods & 10 Best Healthy Foods

I was browsing through Half Price Books not long ago and discovered a fantastic, awesome hidden treasure. A series of easy to read books authored by David Zinczenko, who is the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine published by the amazing Rodale Press.

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Your Weight Problem Is Not Your Fault

I have been trying to convince overweight people for years that circumstance is as responsible for their condition as behavioral choices…

I remember when America didn't suffer an obesity epidemic. Things have changed dramatically. And all of these changes effect you, your diet, lifestyle, how you live and how you feel about you and the world around you.

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Laugh A Lot, Lose A Lot

Do not underestimate the extraordinary power of laughter. Big laughs resemble the physical effects of a moderate intensity workout.

Researchers have found that laughing increases the body's natural pain killing endorphins. Laughter increases levels of gamma interferon that combat disease and encourage cell growth. Laughing also relieves stress, depression and sadness. Not enough?

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Diet Plans, Fact & Fallacy

If diets worked, 66% of adult America would not be overweight. Childhood and adolescent obesity has tripled since 1980. Talk to any veteran dieter and they will agree, dieting leads to frustration, anxiety, deprivation and bounce-back weight gain. The term "diet" used to mean the sum total of what an individual ate. Today, it means a specialized food regime for the purpose of weight loss…

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When Your Goal Fits, Wear It

Most people come to me with a weight loss goal something like, "I will lose 30 pounds in 90 days." This goal is limiting and just wrong! Do you know why?

Your goal is to live the remainder of your life in a naturally thin body free of all weight loss issues FOREVER! Why have a goal that expires in 90 days after you lose 30 pounds? People who make this type of goal will not achieve lasting weight loss. But will begin the regain process within 30 days of reaching their goal. This is the "I will never be fat again" type of goal that virtually guarantees YOU WILL BE FAT AGAIN! …

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Hypnotic Weight Loss & You

Take it off. Put more back on. Up, down, on the weight loss diet merry-go-round.

If diets worked, 66% of adult America wouldn't be overweight. There is a better way.

Think about it, what is a diet? You are expected to change lifelong food preferences, buy unfamiliar foods, re-learn how to cook and prepare foods. Worse, severe calorie restricting diets can cause emotional turmoil, cravings and an impaired metabolic rate. All that before the recommended high impact gladiator style exercise that increase appetite and leaves you sore, hurting and immobile.

Starve and sweat, crave and cave diets don't work. When people lose weight successfully, it's in spite of dieting obstacles, not because of it.

Hypnotic weight loss is different…

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