20 Worst Packaged Foods & 10 Best Healthy Foods

I was browsing through Half Price Books not long ago and discovered a fantastic, awesome hidden treasure. A series of easy to read books authored by David Zinczenko, who is the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine published by the amazing Rodale Press.

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Laugh A Lot, Lose A Lot

Do not underestimate the extraordinary power of laughter. Big laughs resemble the physical effects of a moderate intensity workout.

Researchers have found that laughing increases the body's natural pain killing endorphins. Laughter increases levels of gamma interferon that combat disease and encourage cell growth. Laughing also relieves stress, depression and sadness. Not enough?

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Why Black Makes You Look Larger

Never wear black if you are going to be outside or in a well lit room. Black against a light background makes you stand out and appear larger than you are. Kind of like dripping chocolate ice cream on a white shirt.

So what's the best and worst colors for making yourself look trim? Best colors are ones that match your skin tone. Not the color of your eyes or hair like many believe.

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Dietzillas Are Made, Not Born

You know who I am talking about. The person who expects the world to stop, take notice and applaud their valiant weight loss sacrifice.

A Dietzilla expects everyone to make allowances for their crabbiness and short fuse. The more the Dietzilla tries to stay on her diet, the more she flakes out. The more volatile, unpleasant and accusing she becomes.

A steaming cauldron of emotional turmoil. One imagined slight away from exploding into a self-damning, "What's the use, no one cares" BINGE!

Dietzillas are made, not born. Dietzillas behavior is a direct result of self-deprivation and poor self-image.

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How To Live & Learn For A Better, More Rewarding Life

Making mistakes is a daily occurrence for most of us. It's true -- to err is to be human. However, committing the same error over and over again is stupid. Wasted time, energy, effort and resources.

Some don't learn from past mistakes for many reasons. Selfishness, stubbornness and plain apathy. Not caring enough to care.

Every great advance, discovery and evolving culture that didn't happen by dumb luck or accident, was a process of…

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How To Select The Best Vegetables

One of the reasons many people don't like vegetables is a combination of selecting poor quality vegetables and unimaginative preparation. Resulting in off-tasting, boring dishes. Let's talk about selecting the champion veggies.

Tomatoes -- Find ripe, red unblemished tomatoes. Allow unripened tomatoes to ripen at room temperature out of direct light. Organic, vine ripened tastes better than hot house tomatoes…

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Dieters Are Liars

Mrs. Brown stands up and announces to the group, "I lost 16 pounds in 30 days."

This spurs Mr. Smith to proudly announce, "I lost 30 pounds in 29 days."

Before Mr. Smith can sit down, Ms. Jones is up shouting, "That's nothing. I lost 50 pounds in 50 days."

Now Mr. Reed gets up from the back row and bellows, "I lost 100 pounds in three months and it was fast, easy and effortless."

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Who Else Wants To Glow?

What is the one thing about your appearance that everyone considers attractive? The one thing about your appearance that will give you a decided advantage in business, family and personal life?

The look of health. What's called the "glow." Healthy looking hair, skin and body. The complete package. These are the folks who are most respected. Get the promotions. The folks we want to know and know us.

Life is like high school. Not college…

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How To Boost Metabolism While Sleeping

New research says an average adult should get a full seven hours sleep for optimum health. It was also noted that too little or too much sleep has adverse effects.

Anything less than four hours or more than nine hours of sleep can cause major health issues.

Now here's what few people know.

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Are You A Real... Or Are You A Pretend Person?

Most people have a few versions of themselves living inside them. The Sunday church version, work version, family version, mom or dad version, the intimate lover version and also the private version we never show anyone. This is not only completely normal, but necessary to exist within society.

Overweight people are not allowed a multiple version self because society has defined the overweight as a social outcast.

Doesn't matter how smart you are, what you have achieved, the kind of parent or how pretty you look... YOU ARE FAT. Case closed…

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When Your Goal Fits, Wear It

Most people come to me with a weight loss goal something like, "I will lose 30 pounds in 90 days." This goal is limiting and just wrong! Do you know why?

Your goal is to live the remainder of your life in a naturally thin body free of all weight loss issues FOREVER! Why have a goal that expires in 90 days after you lose 30 pounds? People who make this type of goal will not achieve lasting weight loss. But will begin the regain process within 30 days of reaching their goal. This is the "I will never be fat again" type of goal that virtually guarantees YOU WILL BE FAT AGAIN! …

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