Lies, Rationalizations & Denial Part 1

There are few things in life that we have more control over than what, when, where, why and how much we eat. Unless you are physically disabled and unable to do so, the act of walking is not a difficult task. When we combine sensible eating habits with the simple act of walking 20 minutes three to four times a week, losing weight is no longer impossible, but probable.

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Workplace Stress Relieved with Hypnosis

I live and work in the North State of California because of the pristine environment and the wonderful people who live here. I'm comfortable here and wouldn't consider living anywhere else. Even in the North State, workplace stress can be a self-limiting problem. The relationships of those we work with often dictates the level of stress in the work environment…

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So You Want to Be a Hypnotist

At least once a week I get the questions "What's it like to be a hypnotist?" and "How can I become a hypnotist?" First, becoming a quality hypnotist requires that you understand the ultimate goal of delivering the exact results your client wants, pays for and deserves. The desire to help people overcome their problems and help them enjoy a more rewarding and fulfilling life must be your top priority…

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New Year, New You, or Just the Same…

Ouch! Pain! Suffering! That's what happens when your New Years' resolution comes to a crashing halt. We get psyched up, excited, motivated, enthusiastic about change. The money we will save on costly smoking habits, the embarrassment and discomfort we feel because we are overweight, and the crippling stress our fast-paced society creates. All three of these unwanted behaviors can be neutralized or eliminated completely in a short period of time with little expense.

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Your Future is Now

As a practicing hypnotist, my days are filled with the expectation of change. People who want to use hypnotic weight loss to correct poor eating behavior. People who want to stop smoking with hypnosis to save money and pursue a healthier lifestyle. People who want to use hypnotic stress relief to attain a happier, more rewarding and fulfilling life…

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Hypnotic Stop Smoking Program

Smokers are becoming as extinct as the phone booth. In the '40s and '50s it was estimated that more than 70% of the American population smoked. Today that percentage is estimated to be 18-22%. Hypnosis is one of the primary reasons people ended their nicotine addiction. Various studies reveal the reasons why. Here's just a sample…

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Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis has many effective applications. One of the most effective is for anxiety and stress relief. I receive many requests for this hypnotic application and it's growing by approximately 15% per year.

When I speak to the folks suffering the most from anxiety and stress, many causes are revealed. Money, relationships, work are all major stressors, but none can compare with "no time" as the number one complaint I hear.

No time for family, leisure, shopping or even a good home cooked Sunday dinner.

All of these stressors are real, valid and dangerous…

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Self-esteem is Liking Yourself for the Right Reasons

People have been destroyed by low self-esteem. It deteriorates confidence, causes fear, constant self-doubt, disappointment and discouragement, resulting in being emotionally disabled. And its all unnecessary.

Hypnosis is a first choice way to restore self-esteem and confidence to optimal levels. Consider this

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