How To Have Good Posture

Nothing makes you look healthier and younger than good posture. It's easy to overlook this important aspect of your appearance. Good posture makes clothes fit better and gives you confidence.

What is good posture? It's easiest to see standing in front of a full length mirror. Stand with your heals together and toes pointed in a "V" (90º angle). Imagine a string coming out of the top of your head gently pulling you up. Shoulders back and down.

Now stand sideways and…

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Self-esteem is Liking Yourself for the Right Reasons

People have been destroyed by low self-esteem. It deteriorates confidence, causes fear, constant self-doubt, disappointment and discouragement, resulting in being emotionally disabled. And its all unnecessary.

Hypnosis is a first choice way to restore self-esteem and confidence to optimal levels. Consider this

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