So You Want to Be a Hypnotist

At least once a week I get the questions "What's it like to be a hypnotist?" and "How can I become a hypnotist?" First, becoming a quality hypnotist requires that you understand the ultimate goal of delivering the exact results your client wants, pays for and deserves. The desire to help people overcome their problems and help them enjoy a more rewarding and fulfilling life must be your top priority.

Once you make the decision to become a people helper you need to attend hypnosis training that is designed to not only offer you the skills of a competent professional hypnotist, but your training should heavily emphasize the necessary techniques required to deliver exceptional client results.

Each one of us is unique and different in so many ways. However my experience has taught me that everyone wants health, happiness and financial security. Hypnosis can be invaluable in pursuit of these goals. Because we are all different, the best hypnotists I have known immerse themselves in the specific strategies that deliver results and attend training throughout their career to constantly improve.

What it's like being a hypnotist

Words cannot describe the joy I experience from helping a life long smoker end the dangerous habit. Or watching someone experience the absolute happiness and freedom of losing excessive weight and reaching their weight loss goal.

In this day and age stress has become a real problem. Stress levels today are much worse than when I first began my hypnosis practice a decade ago. It seams stress exacerbates every other problem I encounter. At Inspire Hypnosis we assume every person we work with should be taught stress managementtechniques that will allow them to achieve the success they desire.

Being a hypnotist allows me to awaken every morning with a smile on my face and looking forward to each coming day. Personally becoming a hypnotist was the best decision I ever made. I found my calling. It's my vocation and avocation. When I'm not in my office hypnotizing clients, I'm usually reading about hypnosis, thinking about hypnosis, and how to help my clients better. To be the best hypnotist I can be by assisting my clients in becoming the best people they can be.

If you are genuinely interested in hypnosis as a career or a valuable tool you can use to improve your own life, call Inspire Hypnosis at (530) 387-6644, ask to speak to "Marge" (me). I will do my best to answer your questions, offer advice if need be and consult with you, face to face, about the benefits of entering the field of hypnosis as a professional career choice.