Love Is

I think about love a lot. The types of love and how empty our lives would be without it. Being a hypnotist is an education in love itself. I've learned the more capacity a person has to love and respect one's self is in direct proportion to the same quantity and quality of love that can be given and accepted by others.

Love is many things. Trust, loyalty, romance. Love touches every area of our lives. It's the ultimate motivator, what we all seek. To love and be loved is the Holy Grail of life.

Ironically so few of us find and enjoy true love on all the levels that are possible. How often have you thought about love in the last year? Its joys, pains, victories and defeats. Have you ever noticed when you are filled with love, you give more love? And that, of course, is the definition of happiness.

In my lifetime I have never known an unloved person who was happy. Or a truly happy person that was unloved.

Love happens in many ways. Some find it through seeking. Others through discovery. In my experience, regardless of the origins of love, it remains a lifetime commitment. Love is duty and responsibility. Love is all things necessary for humanity to exist. Love is the reason why most of us are here.

So ask yourself, dear reader, have you loved yourself today, so you can offer that love to others? Does the love you hold within offer you light in times of darkness? Do you receive love from others, like a sponge soaks up liquid? Or do you deflect love like a sunbeam bouncing off a mirror.

These are my thoughts. I invite your inquires, questions and opinions!

With love, Marge Perry