Loss of Loved One

North State, Redding, California—Nothing is more stressful in life then the loss of a child. The second highest stress factor humans suffer is loss of a spouse. I've been thinking a lot about stress lately and how every unproductive human condition and emotion is worsened by crippling stress. I see it every day.

Grieving is a natural human response to the loss of a loved one. It leaves you feeling hopeless, numb and separated from your environment and those around you. Fortunately, grief dissipates with time. Though it never entirely leaves.

The hidden danger of grieving the loss of a loved one is in how we allow the stress and negative emotions we feel affect other areas of our lives like work, relationships, family and responsibilities. It's so easy to let everything go. Stress piles up and the already grieving is now suffocating from not only the loss of a loved one, but the devastating effects of not being able to manage the resulting emotional stress.

Hypnosis has many techniques specific to the purpose of alleviating the grief-stricken's crippling stress. Perceptions become distorted when suffering this level of stress. Recapturing proper perspective can alleviate and make stress manageable.

When anyone loses a loved one, it is our duty to extend sincere empathy and compassion to lesson their load and convince them that tomorrow will be better than today. Words cannot describe the physical and emotional pain someone must feel when they lose a lifelong companion.

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