How To Live & Learn For A Better, More Rewarding Life

Making mistakes is a daily occurrence for most of us. It's true -- to err is to be human. However, committing the same error over and over again is stupid. Wasted time, energy, effort and resources.

Some don't learn from past mistakes for many reasons. Selfishness, stubbornness and plain apathy. Not caring enough to care.

Every great advance, discovery and evolving culture that didn't happen by dumb luck or accident, was a process of identifying mistakes and then correcting them.

Diets have never worked for you. They never will. You always gain it back. You are always concerned about what you weigh, how much you need to lose.

If this is your experience I suggest you take a moment to ponder what your life would be like if weight weren't an issue...

Would you feel and look better? Less worry maybe? Be more active? Healthier and more comfortable? Would others treat you better? Would you treat yourself better? Live longer?

I believe living a naturally thin life is everything you can imagine and more. I know, I've been naturally thin from day one. And KNOWING ALL THIS STUFF KEEPS ME THIS WAY!

Evaluate all your mistakes and remember the most noble and courageous words ever spoken were, "I was wrong."

Once you get to "I was wrong," your solution magically appears. "How can I fix it."

Yes, you may make another mistake, or several of them. But you are not making the SAME mistake. Trial and error, learning from your mistakes is called PROGRESS! And progress leads to a better life.