Lies, Rationalizations & Denial Part 2

In my last post I defined the effects of lies, rationalizations and denial on a genuine weight loss effort. I suggested that no weight loss effort could be successful without honest commitment and persistence. No diet works because diets end. People who successfully lose weight, adopt new eating habits and improved physical activity for a lifetime. But that's only part of the equation. A friend of mine who is a PA takes the heroic stance of believing the root cause of any disease must be diagnosed and treated before complete recovery can be achieved. In today's healthcare system we spend 15 minutes with our doctor and treatment is usually reduced to symptom management, not an absolute cure.

Absolute cure in weight loss is permanent thinness. All weight loss is unsuccessful unless it is permanent. To achieve permanence you must accept that permanent changes in your lifestyle and eating behavior must be embraced.

So what is the answer to this seemingly simple problem? Self-love. That's right, loving oneself enough to put your health and welfare first. Enough self-love to accept the responsibility to not be a burden to yourself or loved ones. Enough self-love to change the perception of who you are and what your ultimate destiny will become, but most importantly, loving yourself enough so you can offer others genuine love as well. For it is impossible to give love without loving oneself. So that's the answer.

Self-love begins with an inner confidence. A confidence so strong that it is a shield offering safe harbor from stress, environmental influences and old, unwanted, deeply-rooted habits that you have decided to change. Hypnotic weight loss begins with reducing the stress everyone experiences on a daily basis. It identifies the problem eating areas and offers you an opportunity to change the way you think, not only about food, but more importantly, yourself.

Hypnotic weight loss does all these things as comfortably as humanly possible.

Hypnosis offers many rewards to the dieting veteran. The biggest reward is it can change your life. Not just with weight loss, but how you perceive the world around you. Many of my clients become more organized, less stressed because they learn to manage time. Benefits are numerous, and limitations are few.

If you want to know more about hypnotic weight loss, stress management, or simple confidence building, call me, Marge Perry, at (530) 387-6644. I'll be happy to answer your questions. I consider it a privilege to assist you in seeking solutions to the barriers that may be preventing you from attaining optimal health, happiness and emotional balance in your life.