Lies, Rationalizations & Denial Part 1

There are few things in life that we have more control over than what, when, where, why and how much we eat. Unless you are physically disabled and unable to do so, the act of walking is not a difficult task. When we combine sensible eating habits with the simple act of walking 20 minutes three to four times a week, losing weight is no longer impossible, but probable.

So why is 70% of adult America overweight or obese? Why has the number of overweight children almost tripled since 1980? There are many reasons of course. More available fast food, more stressful environment, questionable quality of food. Every reason or cause of America's obesity epidemic, with the exception of physical problems, are a matter of personal choice.

In the vast majority of cases, people are overweight, not because they want to be overweight. They consciously and subconsciously choose behaviors -- like overeating, not eating breakfast, fast food diet -- that end with the outcome of being overweight.

Worse, we have become sedentary. Less active. Jobs require less physical movement. We sit in front of television and computer screens an average of four hours per day.

Again, these problems are a matter of personal choice. We lie to ourselves and say we will start tomorrow or in a few weeks for the New Year. We'll make a resolution and stick with it this time. We rationalize, which is nothing more than a lie we tell ourselves that we actually believe is true.

"I got off my diet because I had a bad day." "A second helping won't hurt." "It's too windy to walk today." "I don't have the time to lose weight." "I was meant to be fat." "My mother made me clean my plate as a child." These are things people have actually said to me. These are nothing more then excuses for chronic weight loss failure. Denial is what every overweight person lives with daily. Weight related medical issues are the number one cause of preventable death in America. If you are overweight, your health is at risk. This is an undeniable fact yet we choose to deny the fact daily.

Lies, rationalizations and denial are the three primary reasons efforts to lose weight fail. What does work is an honest commitment followed by unrelenting persistence. Not a mere quest for pounds lost, but permanently improving eating behavior and increased physical activity for a lifetime.

This is my honest appraisal after many years of specializing in helping people lose weight with hypnosis. Hypnotic weight loss is effective when the user tires of lies, rationalizations and denial and finally comes to the obvious conclusion that losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much easier, more rewarding and cheaper then continuing their path of self-destruction through simple lack of discipline and personal honesty.

Once an honest commitment is made and the primary reasons and causes for the overweight problem are identified, an effective plan of action that delivers results can be executed. Hypnosis can make this process comfortable by reducing cravings, stress and the emotional turmoil that people experience when attempting weight loss. I've seen hypnosis be a difference maker for numerous people. Law enforcement, celebrities, professional sports teams, the military, every area of the social sciences and human services are taking advantage of the many benefits hypnosis has to offer.

If you are overweight, honestly wish to lose it, have had difficulty in the past, you diet, lose a few, gain back more, diet again -- a vicious circle leaving you emotionally drained and a victim of the habit of dieting failure…

…try hypnosis. You owe it to yourself to use every advantage at your disposal with something so important as your physical and emotional health and well-being.

I'm Marge Perry. You can contact me at (530) 387-6644 . I'll be happy to discuss your weight loss situation with you and offer any help I can. Please read my next post, Lies, Rationalizations & Denial Part 2, where I offer a solution for the lies, rationalizations and denial problem.