How To Leave A Little, And Lose A Lot…

I'm often asked why I'm such a passionate proponent of portion control and such a detractor of traditional weight loss methods like grueling exercise combined with a crave and cave diet!

The answer should be obvious. Chronic dieting causes bounce back weight gain and leads to obesity. I have witnessed the results and outcomes to both approaches first hand.

Diets don't work. If you can't stay on it, how can it work? If you don't enjoy the food you eat, you won't eat it for long. As ironic as it sounds, you can't lose weight when you are starving. Add a ravenous appetite brought on by grueling exercise and you have the ultimate formula for long term weight loss failure.

It's easier to reduce portions 10-25%. You still eat 75-90% of your current diet and lose a significant amount of weight. Mathematical fact!

Give a friend a bite of your candy bar and you reduce calorie intake 25%. Leave the last swallow of your soda and reduce calories 10%. You can lose weight without counting calories, craving or a "don't eat that diet."

Leave 25%. Eat 75%. Leave a little, lose a lot. Beats the pain and suffering of dieting hands down.

Stop focusing on how much you want to lose and start focusing on how you want to live. Remember, losing weight is only the very beginning of living a naturally thin life. That's what you want. That's what you deserve. Go get it.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: I'm really happy to be alive! I think it's great, how about you?