Law of Reverse Effect


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A friend once said the harder you attempt to accomplish a goal, the more difficult it gets. In hypnosis this phenomena is called the law of reverse effect. I experience it daily with my clients who are pumped up, filled with motivation, commitment and ready to bust through a brick wall to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately it has been my experience that the harder you try, the harder it gets. When you think about the word motivation, it describes what we must find within ourselves to accomplish something or do something we really don't want to do.

For instance, how motivated do you have to be to spend romantic moments with the love of your life? Or to sit down and feast on your favorite foods? Or watch your favorite movie? None of these require motivation because it's something we enjoy doing. The word motivation only arises when we talk about accomplishing something that is hard, difficult or even impossible.

When a person wants to lose weight, stop smoking or reduce stress with hypnosis, the "pep rally" mindset can be very short-lived and disheartening. When setbacks arise, motivation is lost and habit defeats commitment.

Commitment is far stronger than motivation. Commitment is intellectual while motivation is emotional. To be successful with hypnosis we appeal to your subconscious intellect to build the commitment required for long term, lasting results. It is my experience that commitment, once developed is long term and can be life sustaining. While mere motivation comes and goes and leaves us with false hope and disappointment more often then not.

The successful hypnosis client does not approach their goals embracing the peaks and valleys of motivation, but the mindset of a strong straight line commitment in which obstacles are anticipated and prepared for.

So the next time you decide to lose weight, quit smoking or reduce stress, understand that with hypnosis, your commitment will determine whether it's the last time you attempt to lose weight, quit smoking or reduce stress. As opposed to the temporarily motivated who will face a lifetime of the next time. Weight loss is not successful unless it's permanent. The same is true for nicotine addiction or managing chronic stress.

If you have attempted goals in the past and failed and heard the word motivation more often than you would like, this phenomena is referred to as law of reverse effect. A creeping psychological mindset that more often then not creates an insurmountable obstacle for the achievement of your goals.

If this sounds familiar to you and you've experienced it yourself, call me, Marge Perry, at Inspire Hypnosis (530) 387-6644 and let's discuss the right way and your responsibilities to achieve everlasting success.