Infallible Weapon Guarantees Weight Loss Success

North State, Redding, CA -- Have you tried to lose weight before? Where you successful? Have you been on a "fad" diet? Bought weight loss gizmos and gadgets? Had low cal, styrofoam-tasting food delivered to your door? Or have you tried the many miracle weight loss formulas and pills available on the market?

If these well-advertised weight loss cures worked, two-thirds of adult America would not be overweight or obese. But facts don't lie. Obesity has reached pandemic levels in America. The new miracle cure comes out and we all line up like sheep being led to slaughter to buy the new false hope that will deliver us to the utopian world of thinness without inconvenience, change or effort.

Diet veterans slowly become aware that all these magic bullets are nothing more than blanks. There is only one weapon that works for weight loss and that weapon is…

Your Brain

Your brain controls all your physiological functions. It determines your emotions, values, habits and how you perceive the world around you.

Think of your brain as a computer. When you program your brain with negative thoughts, negative reactions occur. If past failures create doubt in your ability to lose weight, and you focus on those failures instead of effective solutions -- emotional turmoil, anxiety and self-doubt are sure to follow.

When you program your brain with positive information, set reasonable goals, take decisive action, recognize rationalization and denial when they occur, you can easily free yourself from unwanted behavior and habits.

Hypnosis is an excellent and effective way to reprogram your computer (your brain) to produce thoughts and emotions that will result in a changed perception of yourself and the entire weight loss process.

Hypnotic weight loss is no longer a theory. Hypnosis' success with weight loss is proven over and over again by the documented results of those who used hypnosis to lose weight successfully without the usual pain, suffering and inconvenience that accompanies most weight loss efforts.

Think about it. Your brain is capable of making millions of calculations per second.  Your thoughts determine your behavior and the type of person you are now and will become.

All humans are a never ending work in progress. The state of being is a state of growth. As you age and gain experience your brain learns from and interprets those experiences. Hopefully gaining wisdom with each passing day.

Hypnotic weight loss can greatly enhance any weight loss effort by accelerating the brain's ability to change not only the perception of weight loss and dieting, but more importantly, by changing your perception of being an out-of-control, overweight victim, to an in-control permanently thin person.

For more information about how Inspire Hypnosis can help you program your brain to get the positive behaviors that will assist you in effective weight loss, call me, Marge Perry, at (530) 387-6644. I will be happy to answer your questions and tell you how hypnosis can be the deciding factor in the achievement of your weight loss goals.