Hypnotic Stress Relief

Hypnotists share. We constantly communicate our experiences, ideas, strategies, techniques and stories. We do this to learn and educate ourselves. It makes us better hypnotists and improves the results of our clients.

A hypnotist told me a very disturbing story. A couple had been together for 35 years. They had three children and appeared to be the ideal, happy American family. As it turned out, the couple was on the brink of divorce. They suffered from a sex-starved marriage. But that was only the symptom. The root cause was no communication, not "poor" communication, or "minimal" communication, but NO communication.

Tony and Gloria both realized their problem began two years after they got married when their responsibilities and financial needs increased and time together decreased. There were arguments about the kids, visiting Gloria's parents for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. The house needed maintenance but was allowed to deteriorate. All of their relationships suffered. Work became intolerable as did family get-togethers for holidays.

My hypnotist friend confessed he had never seen such broken spirits. Tony and Gloria had been to family counselors and psychologists and the good doctors reported that neither listened or cooperated. Stress was the primary barrier that had to be removed before any progress could be made.

Tony and Gloria's psychologist asked my friend to reduce their stress with hypnosis. He saw the couple three times, a private session with each and then a single session with both in which he hypnotized simultaneously.

After the third session they were brought to full awareness, completely relaxed. There was complete change in posture and openness. My hypnotist friend reports, in the middle of a sentence Tony cut him off, looked at Gloria, reached out and grabbed her hand and told her that not being with him and placing more importance on other things made him feel rejected. Gloria was completely surprised and responded that she had no idea that he felt that way. This conversation continued for 25 minutes while the hypnotist said nothing and watched stress dissolve before his eyes.

I was recently thinking about this because it was brought to my attention by my hypnotist friend who said, "By the way, do you remember me telling you about Tony and Gloria? They learned self-hypnosis and had three sessions with their psychologist and report they are happier then they have ever been."

The beginning of this happy ending, is hypnotic stress relief. Hypnosis alone did not repair this relationship. But no relationship can be repaired when a person suffers the crippling symptoms of stress. A convincing argument could be made that hypnosis is the most effective stress reduction method available, short possibly of drugs. It is virtually impossible to experience stress while in hypnosis

Hypnosis could be defined as a de-stressing of the physical and emotional stress symptoms most all of us suffer from on a daily basis.

If stress is holding you back, interfering with your relationships, work, family -- I urge you to consider hypnotic stress reduction. A perfect solution in your quest for a stress free life. Call Inspire Hypnosis in Redding, California, (530) 387-6644, ask for Marge Perry. And let's discuss how we can best reduce your stress and make your tomorrow better than today.