Hypnosis = Fun

Most people think of hypnosis as an effective way to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress or control chronic pain. All are true.

However, hypnosis is so much more. At the least, it's a vacation for the mind and body. It restores, rejuvenates and revitalizes us with physical energy and positive emotions.

I discovered years ago the benefits of hypnosis are many and limitations few.

Hypnosis helps me keep my life organized and in proper perspective. I use hypnosis for time management which allows me to enjoy a happy, balanced life.

But that's only the beginning. Hypnosis has brought a new dimension of FUN into my life. Much of my education and background is in recreation. I love the art of play. Especially when the play results in fun and learning.

I use hypnosis to visit times past. Hypnotic visualization lets you not only remember or recall, but relive past experiences with the perspective of now. Like watching a panoramic epic movie of your life in your minds eye.

I feel the same delightful emotions I felt as a child at Christmas. The same sense of awakening and wonder I felt as an adolescent. The absolute joy of discovery, adventure and freedom I experienced as a young adult.

Here's my point. every moment of your life is recorded in your memories. Like an endless library filled with volumes of your every life experience. Hypnosis is a key that unlocks your library of memories and allows you to experience them again as if they were re-occurring in the present.

Hypnotists label this phenomena "revivification." It's been used by hypnotists for years to retrieve lost memories as well as find valuable articles like misplaced jewelry.

At Inspire Hypnosis we employ a wide array of hypnotic techniques to assist you in achieving your goals. Ending the smoking habit, losing weight or controlling stress does not have to be a long, drawn out struggle of pain, misery and suffering.

Making these and other changes with hypnosis can be as fun and rewarding as you can imagine them to be.

So as we get older, let's remember to play and not relinquish the imagination of our youth. It's there you will find the path to every achievement and the solution to many problems.

Hypnosis is a fun, exciting adventure. A journey of discovery with a destination that assures your tomorrows are better than today.