Hyperempiria is Mental Magic

The word magic is often tossed around in the world of self-improvement and human behavior. I use it frequently in my writing.  It is often used as an exaggeration. But real mental magic is not only possible, it's predictable as well.

The reason for this is because the average person has no idea what they are capable of when they make the decision to control their thoughts, as opposed to their thoughts controlling them.

An excellent example of this is Einstein's brief explanation of his theory of relativity. When asked what relativity was, Einstein replied, when you place your hand on a hot stove, a brief second would seem like a long time. When you are with someone you adore you can be with them for hours yet it feels like a fleeting moment. That's relativity.

In the world of hypnosis, Einstein's theory of relativity is called time distortion, Where a 45 minute hypnosis session may seem like only a few minutes. Hyperempiria is an alternative form of hypnosis. It is nowreferred to as guided visual imagery. The majority of hypnotists use a traditional progressive relaxation method to transport the hypnosis subject from full awareness (active beta brain wave), to the more relaxed and accepting alpha brain wave. The alpha brain wave is what most hypnotists accept as the beginning, or gateway, of a measurable hypnotic state. The progressive relaxation hypnosis induction technique is a simple process of relaxing the mind and the muscles of the body simultaneously. The end result is hypnosis.

Hyperempiria bypasses the relaxation process and introduces a highly visual fantasy that eclipses relative time and transports the subject to the fantasy as if he were the leading character in a movie depicted clearly in his mind. The nature of hyperempiria is to transcend and expand upon the basic hypnotic state. The hypnotist selects words and suggestions that are highly descriptive and create precise mental images.

Hyperemperia is generally used after one or two traditional hypnosis sessions. It is necessary for a subject to be comfortable with the traditional hypnosis processes before hyperempiria is introduced. Once hyperempiria is introduced the subject can easily learn how to script her own beneficial guided visual imagery to meet the challenges of daily life with optimal judgement, performance and execution.

I'm including one of my favorite hyperempiric adventures below. It's called "Riding Through a Rainbow," written by Dr. Don Gibbons and published in his book Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria.

Hyperempiria Self-fantasy

Now, with your eyes closed, picture yourself floating high above the earth, drifting, and dreaming, and floating through patches of fleecy white clouds, just after a sudden spring shower. If you accept each detail of the scene as I describe it, without trying to think critically, your imagination will be free to allow you to experience the situation just as if you were really there.

Feel yourself drifting on now, as you continue to listen to my voice—drifting slowly and gently, on and on, until you come to a beautiful rainbow, shimmering brightly before you, with shades of hearty red, creamy peach, golden yellow, cool mint green, aqua blue, and dusky violet.

You think how pleasant it would be to drift on through the rainbow, experiencing the colors one by one—and changing direction ever so slightly. You prepare to do just that, starting first with the band of hearty red.

Feel the band of red beginning to enter the soles of your feet now, carrying with it a warm glow of strength and power which spreads quickly up through the calves of your legs, and on up through the rest of your body, flooding every fiber and nerve with a warm, rosy glow of energy and strength and power. Breathe deeply and slowly, as you continue on through the band of red and inhale the color and the feelings that go with it. Let yourself experience them fully and completely, as you breathe them in and saturate yourself in their worth.

Now, as you continue slowly drifting on, the band of creamy peach begins to penetrate the soles of your feet and spreads itself throughout your body in just the same way as did the red, bringing with it an indescribably beautiful sensation of complete and perfect peace. And as this peacefulness progresses on throughout your body, it blends with the energy which you already feel, making you serenely more aware of everything you experience.

Next, the golden yellow band begins to spread itself throughout your being, filling and flooding you with its delicious golden glow, and bringing to your consciousness an ever-increasing sense of happiness and well-being. Flow with it and breathe it in, as you allow yourself to merge completely with this wave of radiant happiness—blending with it so completely that you begin to radiate back an answering happiness of your own.

You are entering the green band now, as you begin to experience a wave of pure, refreshing joy, carrying you ever higher, as you feel yourself being inundated by endless sensations of indescribable joy and bliss. Rapture and ecstasy, wonder and delight—breathe it in, blend with it, and savor the delicious emotions which are being added now to all of the other feelings you have gathered in your journey through the rainbow, and which you still retain.

Now you are beginning to draw in the color of aqua blue, which causes you to feel as free and as fluid as the aqua waters themselves. Feel yourself blending, in you imagination, with all the water everywhere on the planet, rushing over the surface of the earth as her banks caress you, moving over rocks and soft river beds, plunging down cliffs to form waterfalls in a headlong rush to the sea, where you are again drawn up to the sky and back to the rainbow and the blue band once more, ready to enter the next band of light, but retaining this sensation of freedom which becomes blended with all the others.

Finally you enter the violet band on the inner side of the rainbow. It fills you silently as nightfall, extending your previous feelings of freedom to an almost infinite degree; for you now feel able to step behind all your everyday thoughts and all your customary social roles. You slowly drift to a stop within this violet band, and you are filled with the stillness and peace of a warm, mimosa-scented summer night. You can feel within your own being the beautiful, tranquil color of the violet sky, long after the sun has slipped down behind the horizon. And while you remain here within this violet band of light, in the hyperempiric trance which you have entered, the suggestions which you receive will help to guide you into new paths of awareness and new dimensions of being, richer and more rewarding than those you have known before.

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