Who Else Wants To Glow?

What is the one thing about your appearance that everyone considers attractive? The one thing about your appearance that will give you a decided advantage in business, family and personal life?

The look of health. What's called the "glow." Healthy looking hair, skin and body. The complete package. These are the folks who are most respected. Get the promotions. The folks we want to know and know us.

Life is like high school. Not college. It's a popularity contest. Here's reality. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING. And nothing says more about you or leaves a better impression than a healthy glow.

Life is easier for people who own the glow. Less obstacles, more opportunity. If you glow, you are treated differently and that's fact. I've experienced it myself.

To get your glow you start with a healthy weight. Your glow begins with being physically comfortable. Being able to move unencumbered by excessive weight. Feeling confident and comfortable with your figure and body shape.

Care of skin, hair and personal hygiene plus daily physical activity and diet must take a top priority.

The last ingredient in getting that healthy glow is free — sunlight. I recommend getting your share of free sunlight during a morning walk. It gets you higher than drugs and is just as addictive, but in a beneficial way.

RECOMMENDATION: Before you select a sunscreen look for the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval. Do not stay in the sun long enough to get red. Redness is skin damage. An hour of morning sun, five or six days a week works great for me. I get a mild, natural year round tan.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Reasonable amounts of sunlight is essential for emotional as well as physical health and well being. I once asked a 102 year old woman what she did everyday to live so long. Her answer, "I drink a cup of coffee every morning, take a walk, eat an apple and get plenty of rest." 'Nuff said.