Dieters Are Liars

Mrs. Brown stands up and announces to the group, "I lost 16 pounds in 30 days."

This spurs Mr. Smith to proudly announce, "I lost 30 pounds in 29 days."

Before Mr. Smith can sit down, Ms. Jones is up shouting, "That's nothing. I lost 50 pounds in 50 days."

Now Mr. Reed gets up from the back row and bellows, "I lost 100 pounds in three months and it was fast, easy and effortless."

Next Mrs. Green waves her arm as she stands and says, "I lost 200 pounds in nine months. It was fast, easy, effortless. Ended my monthly cramps, hot flashes and I saved enough money on groceries to send my three kids to Harvard."

Not to be outdone, young Billy nervously gives the group support testimony, "I lost too much too fast to notice it. Yesterday I was fat with pimples. Today I'm a rich rock-star with millions of adoring fans."

As the group begins to applaud Billy's achievement, Marv the janitor says, "I lost 50 pounds since visiting the restroom and I think the rest of you are as full of crap as I was."

Weight loss is not a competition. It's not even about weight loss. That's only the beginning. It's about living a naturally thin life free of all weight loss worries forever.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Make two lists. The first list will be the names of people you love and care about most. Now make a list of your five least favorite people you have ever known. Compare the lists. Look at the names. Sitting there side by side. Stare at 'em for a moment.

If you are like most folks you will feel less hostile toward the disliked group almost immediately. Your love for the people you care about overshadows and even influences how you feel about folks you dislike. The message? LOVE DOES CONQUER ALL -- DON'T RATION IT!