Diet Plans, Fact & Fallacy

If diets worked, 66% of adult America would not be overweight. Childhood and adolescent obesity has tripled since 1980. Talk to any veteran dieter and they will agree, dieting leads to frustration, anxiety, deprivation and bounce-back weight gain. 

The term "diet" used to mean the sum total of what an individual ate. Today, it means a specialized food regime for the purpose of weight loss.

Inspire Hypnosis hears the same story over and over again. Diet, lose weight, re-gain it, plus more for the effort. This is NOT how to lose weight. Even the term "diet plan" suggests a temporary remedy for the overweight problem.

Here are the facts…

  • To lose weight, you must expend more calories than you consume.
  • To maintain your weight, you must expend the same amount of calories you consume.

There is no getting around these physical laws of weight loss and healthy diet.

If your lifestyle does not include adequate physical activity, you most assuredly will have to consume less calories to lose weight. Physical activity is not only mandatory for sustainable weight loss, but also for health and wellbeing.

Common sense dictates that you cannot lose weight if you are hungry or your diet creates emotional turmoil. The only way to lose weight permanently is to have a permanent diet that encourages adequate calorie consumption to support the physical needs of the body.

A real diet plan is the one you will do for the remainder of your life. That does not mean a spartan diet devoid of your favorite foods. But it does mean that you must use common sense when developing new eating behavior habits.

For instance, the odds of losing and maintaining your ideal weight increases 400% when you eat a nutritionally sound breakfast.

Many of Inspire Hypnosis clients consume oceans of soda. Most sodas have approximately 150 calories per 12 ounces. It's been estimated that the average American consumes between 350-650 calories in sweetened beverages daily.

This results in weight gain for those who consume that quantity of calories in beverages alone. A great diet plan will replace sweetened drinks with non-sweetened beverages, like iced tea for instance. Or simply water.

Many people eat correctly but gain weight because their diet plan does not address the two most important issues for sustainable weight loss -- 

  1. An increase in physical activity. Inspire Hypnosis recommends a 30 minute daily walk.
  2. Exchanging high calorie drinks with zero calorie beverages.

These two simple changes can result in dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time. The diet plan that works must first be simple to understand, easy to do, backed by a commitment to stay with the diet plan permanently.