How To Boost Metabolism While Sleeping

New research says an average adult should get a full seven hours sleep for optimum health. It was also noted that too little or too much sleep has adverse effects.

Anything less than four hours or more than nine hours of sleep can cause major health issues.

Now here's what few people know. You burn more calories when you sleep than when you watch television. Here's the important part. Adequate and restful sleep is required for an efficient metabolism.

Studies prove sleep deprivation, or poor sleep, creates appetite and cravings for sweet foods.

People who stay up late on a regular basis will snack and eat during that time. Usually on high calorie, fatty foods. Which can interfere with your quality of sleep and reduce the efficiency of your metabolism as a result.

Get seven hours of sleep every night. Get up and feed your metabolism so it can wake up and start burning calories.

Quality sleep is necessary for lasting weight loss because lasting weight loss requires an efficient metabolism.