How To Select The Best Vegetables

One of the reasons many people don't like vegetables is a combination of selecting poor quality vegetables and unimaginative preparation. Resulting in off-tasting, boring dishes. Let's talk about selecting the champion veggies.

Tomatoes — Find ripe, red unblemished tomatoes. Allow unripened tomatoes to ripen at room temperature out of direct light. Organic, vine ripened tastes better than hot house tomatoes.

Pea pods — Pod should be firm, well filled, bright green and crisp. Eat as soon as possible.

Cucumbers — Don't get the fat, puffy, soft ones. Avoid misshapen cucumbers. Good length is six to nine inches. Dark green and firm.

Corn — Look for straight rows of fat, full kernels. Avoid corn with insect damaged husks or a rust look. To really taste real corn on the cob you need to eat it the day it is picked. It's in my garden. I speak from experience.

Carrots — Bright, golden, firm, unblemished and well shaped. Avoid carrots that are split or cracked, soft or shriveled.

Potatoes — Many varieties to choose from. Remember certain types of potatoes are used for specific purposes. Here's a good rule of thumb -- round potatoes for boiling, oval potatoes for baking, frying or mashing. Potatoes are best stored in a cool, dry place, not the refrigerator.


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TIP: Spice up your vegetable dishes to get them eaten. When I asked people why they disliked vegetables, the overwhelming response was, they are "boring." My answer, "Not anymore." The Internet has thousands of interesting vegetable dishes. I try a couple every week. Make sauces, add hot sauce, herbs and peppers to vegetable dishes. Just see how popular they become.