Are You A Real... Or Are You A Pretend Person?

Most people have a few versions of themselves living inside them. The Sunday church version, work version, family version, mom or dad version, the intimate lover version and also the private version we never show anyone. This is not only completely normal, but necessary to exist within society.

Overweight people are not allowed a multiple version self because society has defined the overweight as a social outcast.

Doesn't matter how smart you are, what you have achieved, the kind of parent or how pretty you look... YOU ARE FAT. Case closed.

This type of insensitive discrimination is perpetuated by the victims who suffer its consequences most. The overweight.

Stand up. Come out of hiding. Speak up. Give your opinion. Participate. You know you are not what the jerks, idiots and opportunists make you out to be. Stop allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

Really, how can you be real if you always put other's needs before your own? Believe me, you can be a kind caring, charitable and loving person without saying yes to every favor or demand that's made of you.

It's simple. Real people know who they are. The good, bad and the ugly. Pretend people must pretend because they are still searching to find out who they are.

Personal success is simply the fulfillment of what makes you happy.