5 Tips For Winning The Weight Loss War

All weight loss wars are won or lost on five major battlefronts...

  1. Supermarket — What you buy at the store determines what you eat at home. Most wars are lost here at the first battle. Win this battle with a real supermarket plan.
  2. Your Kitchen — What you prepare, how you prepare it and the frequency you eat at home has a major influence on weight loss. When you eat at home you control ingredients, quality, calories and size of portions. A home cooked meal averages 40% less calories than a similar restaurant meal. Eat 75% of your meals at home and dramatically increase the possibility of weight loss success.
  3. Restaurants — Another bloody battlefield in the weight loss war. I can't tell you the number of times people told me their weight loss effort ended with a trip to their favorite fat factory. Start paying close attention to what you order, amount consumed and frequency of visits. Eat at restaurants, but eat sensibly.
  4. Your mind — If you don't think you can... you can't. Don't let mental self-limitations based on past mistakes deter you from what you want most. Living a naturally thin life free of weight loss worries. Ninety percent of weight loss is in the head. Ten percent is everything else.
  5. Your body — When you disrespect your body you disrespect life. And life will bite you in the butt if you don't take care of your body. It's the only one you have. No trade-ins allowed, surgical modifications are possible at astronomical rates, but you're stuck with government issue. Appreciate your body as much as air, water and food. All are required for life.

Win these five battles and you win the war. Master these five critical factors and you live a long, happy, naturally thin life.