Calories Count...

When it comes to food, what is your inner dialogue?

“I’ll just have a little.”……….600 calories

“I don’t want to disappoint the (kids, spouse)” …..800 calories

“It is SO not fair they can have it and I can’t.” …900 calories

“It’s Halloween…they are only bite size.” …1,000 calories

“I am so bored right now.”…..1,100 calories

“I’ll eat better and exercise tomorrow.”….1,200 calories

“It’s a buffet, I have to get my money’s worth!” …. 1,600 calories

“I’m in a hurry; I’ll just grab this because it is easy.” …1,750 calories

“I’m so tired; I need a quick boost to keep up my strength.”… 1,850 calories

“OH SCREW IT!!!”…3,000 calories

Every thought creates an emotion.

Your emotions fuel your decisions. And your decisions are what put the calories into your body.

So, it is not just about carbs, fat grams and calories – it is about your beliefs, attitudes, and emotions.

Change your thoughts, attitudes, and limiting beliefs in your mind first   to change your body. The easiest, most effective and most enjoyable way to succeed is Hypnosis.

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