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Master hypnotist, marge perry, owner of inspire hypnosis in redding, ca.

Have a question about hypnosis? This is the place to ask your hypnotist. I've done my best to answer the many questions I receive about hypnosis on this web site.

However, if you have a question about hypnosis, its uses, benefits and limitations simply use the form below to ask your question. I will answer as soon as possible.

If your question cannot be answered with a sentence or two I will email you to set up a brief phone call to answer your question.

I reserve the right to not answer any question I do not feel is appropriate for this site.


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Information on this site (Inspire Hypnosis) and in my answers to questions is general and not specific to any one individual. Your individual situation may require specialized or different advice. No information on this site or answer to any question is intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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