master hypnotist society certificate of completion.

Every graduate of Inspire Hypnosis Advanced Course receives the above certificate of completion.

The Gold Standard by which all Other Hypnosis Trainings are Judged

The MHS Advanced Course golden certificate is a statement of confidence and credibility

After completing the Basic Course in hypnosis training, the Advanced Course is a natural progression in mastering the artistry of hypnosis.

You learn advanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Cutting edge hypno-phenomena, strategies and suggestions for the most difficult problems a professional hypnotist may encounter.

Learn the secrets of mass influence, hypno-change drama techniques. MHS's exclusive entertainment hypnosis sequence is revealed to Advanced students.

You become proficient in all skills as you are instructed by a MHS certified Master Hypnotist. Compare our training in hypnosis to what's available and you will agree, MHS's Professional Hypnosis Training is the best investment you can make.

Course contents…

  • Weight Management Strategies
  • Smoking Cessation Strategies
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Academic Improvement Strategies
  • Pain Control Strategies
  • Athletic Improvement Strategies
  • Simple Modification Strategies
  • Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Semantics, Communication, Perception
  • Placebo Affect
  • Applications of Imagery
  • Identifying Psychological Disturbances
  • Identifying Physical Contraindications
  • Classic Symptom Removal
  • Failures of Inductions
  • Failures During Hypnosis
  • Advanced Suggestion Strategies
  • Structuring Fabic of Belief
  • Perception-eering
  • Alternative/Miscellaneous Applications and Approaches
  • Spiritual/Religious Considerations

For scheduling requirements, necessary time for completion and other information about the Advanced Professional Hypnosis Training, call me, Marge Perry, at Inspire Hypnosis. I answer any question you may have. Call now (530) 387-6644.


Just Announced:

Perception-eering Training w/Scott McFall

DATE: October 13-16
LOCATION: Redding — Holiday Inn on Hilltop Drive

Call now for more info and to reserve seating.

Download these 3 Special Reports…

7 most important questions to ask before selecting a hypnotist, by marge perry, owner of inspire hypnosis in redding, ca.
secrets of hypnosis revealed, by marge perry, director of inspire hypnosis in redding, ca
How to be a professional hypnotist, by marge perry, owner, inspire hypnosis in redding, california.

Heather McFall, christian hypnosis connection.
"If you are considering investing in training as a professional hypnotist, marge Perry is uniquely qualified to deliver the type of hypnosis education, training and back end support you want, need and deserve. Marge is at the top of the hypnosis trainer list. She's really that good."
—Heather Merrill
Master Hypnotist, Director of Operations, Christian Hypnosis Association, Christian Hypnosis Connection
Ft. Myers, FL