Recent Testimonials

  • Travis Croft, Redding, Ca

    I came to INSPIRE Hypnos to quit smoking. I was a 1 pack a day smoker for 10 years. Now I have no want or craving to smoke. This was one of the BEST things I have choose to do for […]


Lose The Weight And Be Happy!


Are you embarrassed about the way you look and feel? Does being overweight keep you from doing the things you love in life? Lose weight – be happy.                                                                                                   “I know what to do, I’m just not doing […]

Stop Smoking Through the Use of Hypnosis


Are you scared that you are going to die a painful long death and be a burden to your family because you can’t stop smoking?                                                                                                                      Smoking is costing you thousands of dollars every year. At $4 per pack, […]

Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health

stressed out

Is your mind racing when you should be sleeping? Does your short fuse get you into trouble? Do you worry a lot and feel stuck? Do you want support with your health without medication side affects?                                                                                                  We may […]